Hello Blogging Friends! Long time no speak huh… I don’t have as much time anymore since I’m out in the working world now. While I love being a Children’s Librarian, I miss being able to focus on taking photographs and sharing them. This morning I decided to just play around with some different fonts and phrases. What a great reminder that we are all beautiful in our own way. Never let anyone tell you otherwise 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sunday Silliness…

    1. Miss you too! I’m so busy these days. Still working at the library and also nannying for a sweet family. Speaking of family… things are great at this end. You still working at the restaurant? I do miss snapping pics and posting. Hopefully I can find some free time soon.

      1. Wow sounds great and sounds very busy. Yay I am so so so happy to hear that all is well 😀 really happy for you. Do you still have my email? If not can you message me yours as I don’t know how to do it privately… or tell me how to and I will send you mine again so I can just forward my number to you.

        Yeah still working at the restaurant, will update you on everything that is going on via email.

        I really miss the pictures on your blog, you have a great eye for photography and are super talented 🙂

        Hope your week is going well so far young lady and looking forward to hearing from you.
        Much love

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